Long Distance Relationship Counseling

Being long distance can make communication even more challenging. However, with a commitment to grow and regular support, long distance relationships can thrive.

Phone counseling is often the only way to do couples therapy when people don’t live in the same area. Logistically, that usually means a conference call. However, sometimes couples do phone counseling using speaker phone if they are in the same place.

When I work with any couple over the phone, we start by trying to understand each person’s goals. Difficulty communicating is probably the most common problem. Couples can also be dealing with one or both people having personal issues that are getting in the way of a harmonious relationship.

Once there is a clear understanding of each person’s goals, we begin by having the couple walk me through a recent example of their problem in order for me to get a clearer picture of exactly what is happening. From there, the real work of finding shared understanding and developing new skills begins.

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